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Compounding For Pets

Ensure Your Pets Are Getting the Medicine They Need.

Pets can be pretty picky when it comes to taking medicine! It's also important to take their specific breed, weight and overall individuality into consideration when giving them medicine. We keep this in mind when compounding medication for pets. Working closely with veterinarians, we can provide compounds that offer more options and uniqueness than what is commercially available. Some options that we provide in our compounding lab include topical gel for hyperthyroidism, oral liquid for epilepsy, suspensions for rhabdomyolysis in horses and antibiotics and antifungals for infections. These can all be made into desirable treats for the pets so they are more likely to take them!

Pure Pharmacy is able to prepare medication compounds in a variety of dosage forms and flavouring options.

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If your pet requires only one third the normal dosage size, we can create a customized pill in the correct dosage. We can offer a solution to please even the most finicky and particular pet.

Our pharmacists have specialized training in veterinary compounding and access to specific veterinary formulations and references. At Pure Pharmacy, we treat your pet’s health with the same respect and care that we would any other member of your family. Visit your local Pure Integrative Pharmacy to learn how we can improve your pet’s health today.

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